Rounded logs

Production technique
Log dimensions and specification

Besides woodworking equipment Sherwood company has been successfully manufacturing rounded log blockhouses and dimensional lumber for several years. Our team of skilled professionals proves over and over again that experience and solid production facilities guarantee supreme quality. We have produced many blockhouses, from easiest to complex, aside from dimensional rounded logs supplied to construction companies.

Rounded log means natural comfort, rational solution and maximum convenience for wood house building. It allows to industrialize today’s house building. The material is processed using advanced woodworking machinery and is a quality and low-priced product ready for quick installation and assembly. All the blockhouse elements are perfectly measured and fit tightly against each other; that makes the house look nice and keep warm even in frosty weather.

Rounded logs production technique

All rounding operations are performed using an integrated set of specialized lathes. Logs undergo a sequence of mechanical processing consisting of a fixed number of operations.

The first stage is raw logs preparation. Prior to the operation the trunks are sorted by diameter, delimbed, if necessary, and butted so that the log can be perfectly fixed in the lathe. Afterwards the log is processed using Sherwood OF-28C lathe that we produce.

The second stage is log rounding and smoothing. The log undergoes a sequence of the following processing operations: hydraulic lifts feed it to the cutting section, the log is centered and fixed by cylinder-actuated stocks; then the carriage with rounding head and smoothing units moves along the guides of the lathe. Moving along the log these units round it to precise diameter; as the blank remains fixed during this motion, the finished part comes straight even if the log was curved. At the same time the cutters behind the rounding head make a compensatory notch and a long groove necessary for blockhouses.

The third stage is cutting of log structures for a blockhouse in accordance with the project. After processing using Sherwood OF-28C dimensional logs (6 meters) are stacked onto a storage unit and then fed to a CP-32 cutoff saw. There they are reduced in accordance with the project specification. Afterwards the logs are scribed and concave grooves for corner joints are cut using 671 SB lathe. These lathes have laser scribing units for high precision processing.

The finished log structures are checked and then prepared for shipment.

Rounded logs dimensions and specifications

Sherwood company manufactures rounded logs from Kirov region softwood such as fir and pine of 3rd grade and above as per GOST (Russian National Standard) 9463-88. We manufacture rounded logs of 140-280 cm in diameter. Our high technology equipment provides for such an impressive diameter range.

Sherwood rounded logs dimensions:

Log diameter, mm 280 260 240 220 200 180 160 140
Number of 6m rounded logs in one m3 2,7 3,14 3,69 4,38 5,3 6,55 8,29 10,83
m3 in one rounded log 0,369 0,318 0,271 0,228 0,1884 0,153 0,121 0,092
Running meters in one m3 16,3 18,9 22,1 26,3 32,0 39,32 49,76 64,99

Rounded logs advantages

Rounded logs are actually logs of the same length and diameter that are impregnated with the solution protecting them from mold and fungi in warm weather. However their main advantage lies in manual labor minimization and low costs. Rounded logs are manufactured using special lathes that require minimum labor and time.

Precise diameter along the entire log, excellent groove geometry and accurate concavity allow to make a blockhouse with virtually no gaps and spaces. Thanks to these features blockhouses can be assembled in no time. It is no surprise that such logs are extremely popular among house and cabin builders and can be considered a leading construction material for low-rise buildings.

Houses made of rounded logs keep warm for a much longer time than brick houses. It is common knowledge that wood conserves heat much better and creates excellent controlled environment. Such a house keeps the air fresh, stays warm in winters and cool in summers. However there are even more advantages, as rounded logs is an environment-friendly material.

Rounded logs mean incomparable beauty and elegance that wood gives to your interior design.

Rounded logs prices

Rounded logs are fairly low-priced considering their maximum quality. You can verify that just by looking at our price list.

 140, 160, 180, 200, 220, 240, 260, 280 mm, up to 6,2 m long
(Prices as of Saptember 14, 2010)
Log diameter
Number of 6m rounded
logs in a
cubic meter
Cubic meters in
a rounded log
meters in
1 c. meter
Price of
logs, cub.m

Price of
rounded log

180 mm
6 700
7 000
200 mm
6 700
7 000
220 mm
6 700
7 000
240 mm
6 700
7 000
260 mm
6 700
7 000
280 mm
6 700
7 000
 300 mm
 2,360,424 14,15 7 500 7 800
 320 mm
 2,070,482 12,44 7 500 7 800
 340 mm
1,840,544 11,02 7 500 7 800
 360 mm
1,640,610 9,83 8 500 8 800
 380 mm1,470,680 8,82 8 500 8 800
 400 mm1,330,754 7,96 8 500 8 800


Sherwood’s long-time activity in woodworking equipment design and improvement gave it an excellent experience in production of rounded logs. Our designers strictly control conformity to all relevant safety and technical standards as well as technology procedures used at our woodworking facility.