VTB24 leasing plan

Dear Director, Sherwood company offers you a VTB24 leasing plan for small businesses and sole entrepreneurs.

This will enable a fast and easy startup of equipment needed without diverting own funds.

Leasing is a bright future for business.

VTB bank offers a leasing product "Leasing-Standard":

• leasing object - new or used industrial, commercial, storage equipment, light- and heavy-duty vehicles, construction machinery, special machinery.
• amount - from 850 000 to 143 000 000 rubles
• leasing term - up to 5 years
• application consideration - 7 - 10 days
• initial installment - from 20% of the price of machinery purchased
• no additional collateral neede

How to use this service

Choose the equipment you would like to use, agree on the list of parts and price with us. Call VTB24 or submit a draft application through http://www.vtb24.ru.

Discuss all issues of interest with a leasing expert, arrange for a meeting.
Consult the expert on leasing conditions and documents required.
Prepare documents required and present them to the leasing company.
After your application is approved by the leasing company, sign a lease agreement.
Pay initial installment.
Receive the leasing object for use.
Upon expiry of the agreement and payment in full the property becomes your own.

VTB24 LEASING PLAN guarantees successful business for you!

Leasing company address: Russia, 610021, Kirov, Vorovsky st, h 92, b. 2,
tel.: +7 (8332) 52-91-81; 52-91-80
Leasing expert: Elena Evgenievna Tyulkina