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Sherwood Woodworking Machinery

Sherwood company has been producing woodworking machinery, rounded logs, seasoned edged boards and other lumber in Russia for several decades. Our experience of 30 years granted us a reputation of skilled and professional manufacturers and universal recognition in the market.

Our long-time activity allowed us to accumulate experience and begin producing woodworking equipment in strict conformity with all relevant standards and safety requirements. Our high-grade equipment can guarantee the manufacture of quality products.

The delivery set includes a kit of knives and cutter housings, tool grinding machinery and other woodworking devices.

Our woodworking lathes are easy to handle and do not require highly skilled operators. We can arrange a training session for your personnel and teach them how to use our equipment, if necessary.

Simplicity and accessibility, high technology and sophisticated production mean equipment of exceptional quality.

Manufacture and sales of rounded logs

Sherwood company supplies dimensional rounded longs and custom-made log structures. We can also deliver our logs structures or blockhouses with all necessary lumber. Our company is highly creative in its activity. Our team includes ambitious, creative and talented specialists and workers, designers and engineers able to materialize trailblazing woodworking machinery projects and fabricate unique and unconventional wood structures and buildings.

Manufacture and sales of woodworking lathes

We have developed and implemented a unique woodworking lathe dealing with log rounding operation. In the ensuing years our design engineers refined and improved many units of these lathes trying to achieve maximum reliability, endurance and ease of use. This allowed to enhance woodworking operating procedures using our rounding and accessory lathes. By joint efforts we managed to create precise high-speed machinery capable of quality woodworking.

Our rounding machines produce log structures with the diameter from 16 to 40 centimeters. Cutoff and coping lathes are used to produce high precision log structures with the help of laser scribing. Our attractive prices will undoubtedly come as big and nice surprise for you. The reason is that Sherwood invests a lot in production development and search for new advanced woodworking solutions that bring more quality and less costs.

Rounded log housing projects and construction

We can offer ready-made projects of simple and complex wood buildings with finished elements, structures and accessories. If you require an individual project, our designers will consider all your requests in preparing it.

Project development of any structure takes several days depending on its complexity. When it is completed we submit it to the customer for revision and correction, as they see fit. Only then the project is approved and ready to be used in construction. We also guarantee that the ready-built house will be protected from mold and fungi. When the weather is warm all elements of a future construction are treated by antiseptic solution during manufacture.

We are ready for cooperation! Use the following telephone numbers to contact us: +7 (8332) 37-32-63, 37-32-64.